MINI Website, Emails, & Online Advertising

For three years, I was one of three designers on the MINI team while working at BEAM Interactive. In addition to visual design, I built pages and emails using Adobe's content management system, AEM. I also coded some HTML when we needed a custom component and didn't have time to bring in a developer.

Configuration Recommender

An alternative to starting from scratch, I designed a recommender where users can scroll through pre-built configurations, choose one, and continue to the configurator to tweak it.

Book Of Motoring

I created graphics to accompany driving tips included in the Book Of Motoring. This, along with other print materials and items such as driving gloves, comes with every new car.

Configurator Admin Panel

The admin panel for managing all of the configurator's models, parts, and images needed to be overhauled. I created wireframes for a clearer and simpler, but still robust experience.

Dealership App

Employees at dealerships use this app to access info collected on MINI shoppers. I was responsible for organizing customer profiles into a modular interface for a personalized dealership experience.

Hulu Interstitial Ad

After a video ad played, I was tasked with designing the resolve screen where users could start configurating and continue on to MINI's website to finish building.

Owner Dashboard

I designed the interface of the dashboard for MINI owners. Here, an owner can access how-to videos, find out if their car needs maintenance, make a payment, and more.

The New Convertible

It was all hands on deck to come up with creative ideas for a direct mailer for the launch of the new convertible. MINI chose one of my ideas: a poster-quality 180° vertical panoramic photo that envokes the open feeling of the roof-less convertible, something worthy of putting up on your wall.

Due to budget restraints, instead of arranging a photo shoot for a real vertical panorama, I created a fake one by photoshopping together stock photos and convertible assets already provided by MINI. The reverse side had info about the model and its features.

Interface Design


An omni-channel analytics platform that unites all marketing, sales, and product usage data. My role: figuring out how to incorporate all of the types of data that clients could possibly need access to and how to represent that data in an easy-to-use customizable interface.

Franciscan Hospital For Children

Working under the guidance of an art director, I redesigned their entire website to be modern and sophisticated, but still playful and child-like.

Athenahealth Apps

I designed multiple iPhone, iPad, and desktop apps for Athenahealth. PracticeVitals is a public-facing app that shows analytics of current Athenahealth clients, info about the different metrics, and tips on how to improve them. A general sales iPad app was used in person to show prospective clients videos and let them try out a tool that calculates how much their practice could save with Athenahealth.

Icon Design

Logo Design

C&M Medical Billing

While freelancing in 2010, I designed the logo for C&M, a medical billing company in Parsippany, NJ.

Personal Projects

The creativity doesn't stop when I leave work. Here are some illustrations, logos, and typographic explorations I've created in my spare time.

The Musician

An abstract illustration I made for fun.


I wanted to design an ambigram, so I made up a word that reads the same when rotated 180°.


A graphic I created for a promotional poster for a show.

Light Wreck

An experiment with connecting letterforms.

Generative Art

I created this using code then brought it into photoshop to manually edit color and apply some masking.


A logo I made up, playing around with visually representing the action of crushing.

Photo Retouching & Manipulation

HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Understanding how code works and what's prudent in the coding world comes in handy, even in the design phase. Below are some of my Javascript experiments.

Random Google Maps

A generative art experiment I coded using the Google Maps API. It generates a random map every 4 seconds. There are 20 different elements on each map, such as highways, arterial roads, and parks. Each of those elements is set to a random color, is randomly turned on or off, and the zoom level is set to a random number. The geographic location is randomly chosen from a list of 33 predetermined cities.

Google tweeted about it and posted it on Google Plus. Then media sites started posting articles about it. Some of the big ones were Mashable, Engadget, The Huffington Post, and Tech Times.

Undulating Polygons

An animated generative art experiment that imitates 3D low poly water using two-dimensional triangles.

Nonsense Ipsum

A dummy text generator that is customizable from number of paragraphs down to the length of words. It uses an algorithm I wrote that generates random, but pronouncable fake words.

Fluid Justified Grid

I created a grid system that takes images of any size and aspect ratio and calculates new image dimensions to perfectly fit any browser size. Every image in a row will have the same height and the width of the row will perfectly fit the browser window. The images are not cropped and their aspect ratios are not changed. The algorithm runs everytime the browser width changes.